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Dr Robert Allan

Dr Robert Allan


    Robert is a Molecular Exercise Physiologist and former Physiology Technician. This ensures that Robert has a comprehensive knowledge of human physiology from a molecular level along with how to implement the required procedures for analysis. Robert has extensive experience in the techniques used to measure metabolic and inflammatory biomarkers and has assisted in over 300 muscle biopsies. Robert is an expert in thermoregulation and the effect cold-water emersion has on muscular and molecular physiology; additionally he has extensive experience in extracting and storing venous blood samples for biochemical analysis.


    • PhD Molecular Exercise Physiology, Liverpool John Moores University.
    • MSc Sport Physiology (Distinction), Liverpool John Moores University.
    • BSc Sport Science (Hons) (1st Class), Liverpool John Moores University.
    • Comprehensive Molecular/Biochemical/Thermoregulation/Metabolic & physiological equipment knowledge and training.
    • Peer reviewer for the European Journal of Sports Sciences.

    Robert’s research portfolio has been steadily growing over the process of completing his PhD with publications in prestigious journals such as the Journal of Applied Physiology; he covers a range of physiological/molecular techniques along with application of theory. Robert’s research is currently focussing on how muscle adaptation is affected by reduction in temperature.

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