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Strength Testing & Programme Design

What is it?:

At UCLan SENS, we can design and provide training programmes, which will tailor to your specific training needs and goals. Furthermore, we will invite you in to assess your current strength through one repetition max (1RM) testing with one of our Strength and Conditioning (S&C) specialists. This will allow us to get an idea of your current level and prescribe your exercise load in an easy to understand format (% of 1RM).

Why is it important?:

Often, individuals will follow a generalised strength-based training program in order to achieve certain goals, for example, increasing their lean muscle mass or increasing their vertical jump. However, no single training program will be effective for everyone, as many variables must be considered, far beyond just repetitions and load. These include the exercise selection, training frequency, the order of exercises, the training volume and rest periods. A lack of consideration of any of these factors can limit your progress and potentially put you at a risk of injury. Thus, a carefully planned training program, which is tailored to you, is essential in order to achieve your goals.


The main benefit of this service is that it provides a clear structure to your training.  This means not having to worry about planning your own sessions, or wondering whether you are performing exercises that are appropriate for your own training goals. Furthermore, you will also receive advice from our expert S&C lecturers, who will also develop your plan. All our S&C staff hold accreditations from UKSCA and British Weightlifting, have coached S&C in a number of elite clubs, and are all research active in the field.

Test protocol:

Before your plan is developed, we will invite you in to UCLan to discuss your current training status, your training goals and the demands of your chosen sport. Following this, we will assess your current strength and technique through one repetition max testing in our specialist Strength & Conditioning suite. Typically, this will involve major upper body and lower body exercises, such as bench press, shoulder press, back squat and deadlift; however other exercises may be tested depending on your experience and chosen sport. Based on these evaluations, we can identify any strengths and deficiencies, and help you develop other physiological qualities that will help you meet the demands of your sport.

Developing training programmes are a time consuming process, therefore your personalised training plan will be completed within 2-3 weeks of the strength tests, and then sent to you electronically.


3 hours


£120 (inclusive of VAT)

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