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Resting Metabolic Rate

What is it?:

Resting metabolic rate (RMR) refers to the rate as which your body burns calories when at rest. Essentially, it is the amount of energy required to sustain the body’s regulatory balance and normal metabolic functions at rest – such as breathing, blood circulation and cell production.

Why is it important?:

RMR accounts for a large proportion of your total daily energy expenditure; around 60-75%, with exercise and thermic effects from eating accounting for the remaining 25-40%. It’s important that you consume enough calories to maintain these normal body functions, otherwise the body will go into a “fasting” state, which can have negative effects when trying to lose weight or alter your body composition.


Resting metabolism is different for everyone, as factors such as age, gender, weight, hormonal status, health/fitness status, body temperature and body composition all affect it. Unlike numerous BMR assessments that will solely base this value from estimations based on your age, height and weight, the RMR test we provide will give you with a direct result based on your oxygen consumption at rest, eliminating any guesswork.

Test protocol:

For an accurate result, it is required that the test takes place 3-4 hours after a light meal without any prior physical activity on the day of the test. RMR is determined through oxygen consumption at rest; therefore, before the test you will be fitted with a heart rate monitor and mask that links to our breath-by-breath gas analysis system, allowing us to determine heart rate and O2 and CO2 concentrations of your inspired/expired air throughout the test. From there you will asked to lay upright on a physio bed, the test will then begin shortly afterwards. All you will be required to do during the test is rest while lying comfortably for 20-30 minutes. It is important you remain relaxed throughout the test and breathe normally.

The test overall takes around 40-50 minutes, including some basic feedback of your results once the test is complete. Feedback documentation provided to you in the days following, due to the data processing required.


45 minutes


£25 (inclusive of VAT)

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