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Posture Profiling Test

What is it:

Posture profiling is a method of screening your spine, trunk, pelvis, arms and legs to assess their orientation with respect to gravity, to assess deviations from normal alignment and to assess left-right (a)symmetry.

Why it’s important:

Posture profiling can highlight the strengths and weaknesses in your current physiological state and can be used as a monitoring tool to assess changes over time, particularly for those participating in sport or regular training. Deviations from normal posture have been linked to a greater incidence of pain and an increased risk of developing overuse injuries.


Posture profiling is likely to be most beneficial as an initial screening tool to signpost those who are currently struggling with poor performance or pain. Screening will identify any postural issues. These can be monitored over time, which is particularly useful when used in conjunction with a training and/or rehabilitation programme.

Test protocol:

For posture profiling, you will need to bring tight fitting clothing, which you will need to change into at the start of the test. We will record your height, weight and shoe size, attach markers to your pelvis and hips and mark up your patellae.

Overall posture and Bloomfield posture assessment

You will be asked to stand in your normal posture behind a posture grid for approximately 10-15 minutes whilst the assessor grades your posture. If you wish to have records of this, or you wish to be monitored over time, we will capture still images of your posture from different views.

Lower limb and foot assessment

You will be asked to stand naturally in more than one position in front of the posture grid whilst the assessor grades your lower limb posture. You will then be asked to stand naturally on a pressure mat to record foot arch shape, pressure under each foot and weight distribution.

You will be provided with a feedback form with your test results along with information on how to implement this data into your current training and/or what further steps may be taken to address postural issues or asymmetries.


1 hour


Β£50Β (inclusive of VAT)

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