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Olympic Lifting

What is it?:

Olympic weightlifting generally consists of rapidly and forcefully pulling a weighted bar from a grounded position to an over the head position. There are two techniques to perform this – the Power Clean, and the Snatch. Both are whole body exercises, requiring the engagement of numerous muscle groups throughout the 5-6 distinctive stages of the movement; for this reason, they are both considered advanced weightlifting techniques. At UCLan, we have a specialist strength and conditioning staff and facilities, allowing you to practice and learn each stage of the movements whilst being coached along the way.

Why is it important?:

Traditionally, only Olympic lifters would perform these type of movements for competitions, however, through advances in strength and conditioning research, it has been found that Olympic lifting can provide benefits in explosive strength that can be applied to other sports as well; especially those that require full body movements such as running, jumping and throwing. Additionally, due to the explosive nature of the movements, proper coaching is essential when learning to perform Olympic lifts as the risk of injury can be high if performed incorrectly.


Knowledge of how to perform both the snatch and the power clean will allow you to incorporate more power-based exercises into your current training regimen. Furthermore, you will be coached by our specialist staff, who all hold accreditations from UKSCA and British Weightlifting, and all have experience of coaching S&C in elite sports clubs, such as Wigan Warriors, Wigan Athletic, Blackpool FC and Burnley FC.


Our Olympic lifting service can be booked on an individual or group basis (up to 6 people). Sessions will take place in our specialist Strength & Conditioning Suite at UCLan, which is fitted with a lifting platform and technique boxes. Upon arrival, we will discuss your current experience of weightlifting and Olympic lifting specifically; from there we will be able to tailor the session to your current needs, regardless of whether you are a complete beginner or have some experience of Olympic weightlifting in the past.


1 hour


Individual sessions are an hour long and priced at £75 (inclusive of VAT)

Group sessions are an hour long and priced at £25 per person (inclusive of VAT)

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