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Diet Analysis

What is it?

Dietary assessment involves a detailed analysis of your food intake over period of 4 days. This type of analysis provides information on your overall energy intake as well as where this energy is coming from (fats, carbohydrates etc.). We can also estimate you intake of key macronutrients as well as many vitamins and minerals, which are important for health.

Why it is important?

The composition of your diet has a direct influence on your body composition and health. A poor quality diet can increase your risk of nutrition-related diseases such as Coronary Heart Disease and some types of cancer. Understanding how the foods you consume contributes to your energy and nutrient intake can help you achieve a diet that meets your nutrient requirements attain or maintain a healthy body weight/composition and ultimately support health throughout your life.


This type of detailed dietary analysis enables us to identify any strengths and weaknesses in your diet and additionally find out whether your dietary intake is meeting your current nutritional requirements. Most importantly, it will allow us to provide some guidance in how your current dietary intake may be affecting your health, and how you can improve your diet to counter this.

Test protocol:

The first part of the testing protocol requires you to complete a 4-day diet diary, requiring you to record everything you eat and drink over a consecutive 4-day period (3 weekdays, 1 weekend day). We will send the diet diary to you via email with clear instructions on how to complete it along with examples. The greater the detail you provide (weights, brands, cooking method etc.) the more useful the analysis will be. Once completed and the diet diary is returned we can analyse your diet using a validated food composition database. This will enables a comprehensive assessment of your energy & nutritional intake.

When the analysis is complete, you can meet with a member of the consultancy team to discuss your results. From there, we can provide you with advice and recommendations on how to improve the overall quality of your diet and how to tailor it to your current goals.

You will receive a feedback form detailing macronutrient and micronutrient intake compared to current guidelines, total energy intake and distribution of energy from fat, carbohydrate and protein compared to current guidelines, and your calculated basal metabolic rate based on your weight, age and gender.


3 hours


£100 (inclusive of VAT)

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