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What is it?:

At UCLan we can provide sports science specific testing for clubs and teams. Block sessions can be booked to put your players through one or more tests, which will be conducted by our staff using our specialised equipment. For example, you may want to know the body composition of your players at the beginning of preseason, our service will allow you to have all your players tested at once, with feedback provided by our expert staff.

Current work we do:

One of our key partnerships is with Wigan Warriors Rugby League Club. At the beginning of preseason, we perform a VO2MAX on all members of the squad to identify their current fitness levels. From there, the coaches can plan their training accordingly for the preseason, and decide whether the player’s fitness levels need to improve. Before the season starts, we perform the tests again to see if the preseason training has been effective and see if the players are ready to compete from a fitness perspective. Additionally, we assist in providing isokinetic tests for their injured players. This helps to determine whether their rehabilitation has been successful and helps their physios decide if they are fit to return to training and games.


At UCLan SENS, all of our staff are experts in their field and regularly publish research in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Therefore, if you just want to put your players through one type of test, or a battery of tests, there will always be experts on hand from all disciplines of sports science, to conduct the tests and interpret the results. All of our equipment used for testing is accurate and validated, and is often beyond the equipment usually found in elite clubs.

Test Protocol:

The tests involved in the club/team support is entirely based on what your needs are. We can offer most of our services on a team basis, thus the price depends which tests you require and the number of players involved. For enquiries, please contact

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