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What is it?

The body consists of multiple components (fat, muscle, bone, organs), which have different properties. For example, fat tissue has a much lower density than muscle tissue. Thus, two individuals who are the exact same weight may have completely different body compositions. Body weight on its own does not tell us a lot about the composition of the body, and measures such as BMI (body mass index) often classify individuals incorrectly for this reason.

The SECA medical body composition analyser uses bioelectrical impedance over eight sites of the body simultaneously to determine fat mass and fat-free mass. It is a quick, non-invasive way to determine body composition accurately.

Why it is important?

Assessing fat mass is essential for good health. Excessive accumulation of fat can be detrimental to quality of life and function as well as increase your risk of CHD, Type 2 Diabetes and some cancers. Additionally, the assessment of muscle mass is relevant in many population groups, whether it relates to enhanced performance, aesthetics, or the effects of aging, which generally results in a reduction of muscle mass (Sarcopenia) affecting function and quality of life.


Body composition is one of the best indicators of overall health. The SECA scale breaks your results into “fat mass” and “lean mass”, providing you with an insight into your current body composition and allowing you to plan your future training goals accordingly – whether that be to lose fat mass or to gain muscle mass. Additionally the test is ideal for repeat testing, allowing you to track your current progress when trying to achieve these goals.

Test Protocol:

While clothing does not greatly affect bioelectrical impedance assessments, we recommend that you bring light clothing to wear (t-shirt/vest & shorts). We will assess your height and waist circumference and enter this information onto the scales, along with your activity level. Once set up, we will ask you to stand on the scales and the machine will calculate your weight. From there, you will be required to hold onto the handrails on each side and hold this position for around 17 seconds while the machine calculates your body composition. Once completed a member of the consultancy team will be available to discuss your results with you and you receive a results sheet to take away.

*For this test it is recommended that you fast for at least 3 hours prior to measurement, and ensure that you do not participate in any exercise on the same day prior to the assessment.*


15 minutes


£30 (inclusive of VAT)

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