Sport, Exercise and Nutritional Sciences

Meet the Team

  • Dr Stefan Birkett

    Lecturer in Exercise Science
    Stefan is a Lecturer in Exercise Science at the University of Central Lancashire. Prior to completing his PhD, Stefan spent 6 years working for the NHS in cardiovascular rehabilitation as an exercise specialist before pursuing a career in academia and research.
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    • Dr Robert Allan

      Lecturer in Human Physiology
      Robert is a Molecular Exercise Physiologist and former Physiology Technician. This ensures that Robert has a comprehensive knowledge of human physiology from a molecular level along with how to implement the required procedures for analysis.
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      • Ian Bentley

        Lecturer in Strength & Conditioning
        Ian is a Lecturer in Strength & Conditioning, a biomechanical PhD student (due to finish late 2018) and Head of Strength & Conditioning for Wigan Warriors Youth Academy. Ian effectively balances his time between being course leader for the BSc Strength & Conditioning, teaching postgraduate students, completing his PhD and moulding promising Rugby League players of the future.
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        • Dr Stephanie Dillon

          Principal Lecturer & Academic Lead for Sport, Exercise & Nutritional Sciences
          Stephanie has a PhD in Clinical Biochemistry with broad research interests examining the role of micronutrients in health and disease, more specifically antioxidant micronutrients & coronary heart disease and selenium & immune function.
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          • Dr Robert Graydon

            Lecturer in Sport & Exercise Biomechanics
            Robert provides an in-depth understanding of the maintenance and operation of almost all equipment within the division of Sport, Exercise & Nutritional Sciences (SENS). Rob was previously a senior laboratory demonstrator for multiple years, a role he managed to balance with a full teaching schedule and working towards a PhD in biomechanics.
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            • Dr Sarah Hobbs

              Reader in Equine & Human Biomechanics
              Sarah Jane Hobbs is a world leading Equine Biomechanist. With a background in mechanical engineering, she assisted in the design and implementation of new show-jumping surface certification equipment and techniques as part of an international team.
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              • Dr Howard Hurst

                Senior Lecturer in Sport & Exercise Physiology
                Howard a physiologist with a keen interest in cycling and factors influencing cycling performance. Howard’s expertise are in gas analysis and the use of cycle ergometers to perform a range of physiological protocols in order to assess fitness and performance.
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                • Gareth Shadwell

                  Senior Demonstrator
                  Gareth’s has expertise in the collection and analysis of Human & Equine biomechanics data, having been involved in research with Dr Jonathan Sinclair and Dr Sarah Hobbs respectively.
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                  • Dr Jonathan Sinclair

                    Senior Lecturer in Sport & Exercise Biomechanics
                    Jonathan is a BASES accredited Sports Scientist specialising in Biomechanics, and the course leader for MSc Sport & Exercise Science at UCLan. Jonathan has additionally earnt an MSc degree in Nutrition & Exercise Science from UCLan and is currently in the process of becoming a chartered statistician with the Royal Statistical Society.
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                    • Philip Stainton

                      Research Assistant within the Division of Sport, Exercise & Nutritional Sciences
                      Philip is an early career researcher with an interest in human physiology. Phil has experience with performing heart rate variability and salivary cortisol ELISA analysis from the completion of his MSc project data. Philip is a former Laboratory Demonstrator and therefore has a strong understanding of most laboratory equipment spanning every discipline of Sport & Exercise Sciences.
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                      • Dr Mark Stone

                        Lecturer in Strength & Conditioning
                        Mark is a UKSCA accredited Strength & Conditioning Coach with experience working with professional teams such as Wycombe Wanderers, Watford FC and Barnet FC. Additionally, he has lead university modules across Strength & Conditioning, Physiology and Sports Science indicating that, academically he is very well rounded and a great asset to the division of Sport, Exercise & Nutritional Sciences (SENS).
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                        • Dr Francesca Champ

                          Lecturer in Sport & Exercise Psychology
                          Francesca has spent multiple years providing psychological support to professional football clubs, and elite level track and field athletes (e.g. Crewe Alexandra FC, City of Stoke AC). Francesca presents expertise in the performance enhancement of sporting individuals and teams through psychological support mechanisms.
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                          • April Melia

                            Lecturer in Human Nutrition
                            April has over 20 years’ experience working within the health and fitness industry; the majority of which has been spent working with individuals with learning difficulties and/or physical disabilities such as cardiac conditions.
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