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Located in Darwin building, SENS is home to four specific laboratories to facilitate sport & exercise testing and research. These include:

Exercise Physiology Lab

Primarily used for measures of exercise performance and analysis. The lab is equipped with multiple Watt Bike Pros, two SRM ergometers, three concept rowers and two HP Cosmos treadmills complete with safety harnesses.

Using this equipment combined with our breath-breath gas analysis system (metalyzer 3B), allows us to accurately conduct VO2max and lactate threshold testing.

Additionally, the lab also houses a state-of-the-art Isokinetic dynamometer. This is used as part of our service to conduct muscular imbalance tests, which can be both used as a training tool and a rehabilitation tool to identify specific muscular weaknesses.

Sports Biomechanics Lab

As a two-storey facility, twenty metres in length, the biomechanics lab allows us to carry out a vast number of practical sport and exercise activities.

This lab houses an eight camera Qualisys Oqus system to enable real time motion capture, which is linked to a Kistler piezoelectric force platform allowing us to quantify the ground reaction forces generated during static or dynamic movements.

Data collected using this equipment can then be analysed using the intricate Visual 3D software, allowing us to identify biomechanical abnormalities in the way in which you walk or run (Gait Analysis). Additionally, our RS scan mat can be used to assess plantar pressure as part of our posture profiling service.

Nutritional Assessment Lab

This lab houses state-of-the-art equipment for nutritional assessment. This includes nutritional anthropometry (body composition, biochemical analysis and dietary analysis. We offer body composition analysis using air displacement plesmography (BODPOD).

Additionally members of our team have expertise in the use of skinfold callipers to measure subcutaneous fat. In terms of Dietary analysis, we use a validated software package, which enables a comprehensive assessment of your nutritional intake from dietary records. This allows us to assess your intake of macronutrients, vitamins and minerals and make appropriate recommendations to improve your diet quality. We also offer capillary blood sampling to assess numerous aspects of health.

Strength & Conditioning Suite

Our recently built S&C suite contains a multitude of specialist equipment. This include 2 Sterling half power racks with integrated lifting platforms, 1 centre lifting platform, 1 Olympic flat bench, men’s and women’s Olympic barbells, bumper plates from 1.25kgs-20kgs, dumbbells from 2kgs-35kgs and technique boxes.

This equipment and more can be used as part of our strength testing and programme design service, led by our S&C specialist staff.

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